Why web presence is so important?

Why web presence is so important?

Why web presence is so important? Great Online Presence Growth by i4 Web Services – that is what we talking about today. We hope you enjoy reading this blog article and getting the answer you are looking for. 

A professionally made website from i4 Web Services (which is an amazing great creative web design company) is just what you need to increase your web presence. Most business / charity professionals know that a well-designed website turns visitors into future clients.

Here are some reasons why website design matters in building a strong web presence. A good website design needs to have a unique set of goals and objectives based on your specific business. Every website design project should begin with an overall strategy consultation. This is how to find out about your business needs, goals, offline objectives, and online objectives. So, stop and think about these questions for a second:

  • How often do you do a search online for a particular business, only to find that they do not have a website?
  • How often do members of the business community hand you a business card with just an email address?
  • How often do you jump on social media to look them up and find nothing?
  • How many times do you find a business entity with quite different looking pictures with content?

In today’s business world, i4 Web Services finds it utterly amazing to see just how many small businesses still do not have any real web presence. You know the only way to achieve your goals is convey your business brand online as well as print. Print drives people to your website and other online accounts for that matter – so print media is far from being ‘dead’ therefore it can help you achieve your objectives.

Therefore, having an overarching strategy with definable goals is important. From a well-developed website providing a quality experience for your visitors to social media channels that deliver quality updates about what you are doing. It is crucial to engage your visitor with a creative and functional web presence plan that have been designed by thoughtful industry experts.  Here are six reasons your business or charity needs a good strong web presence.

  1. Professionalism.
  2. Visibility.
  3. Creating a 24-hour sales tool for your brand.
  4. Convenience for your potential customer to get and stay informed on your brand.
  5. Market Expansion – growing into new sectors or communities to get more sales.
  6. Changeability – evolve your brand to meet the current needs of you customers.

The bottom line is this – whether you are a small business owner, inventor, entrepreneur, artist, author, musician, contractor, charity executive, you need to have your web presence on point. Your Brand is the personality of your business and expresses what you do. It should reflect how you want your product or services to be perceived by your customers. 

A good web presence takes into account the need for symbols, logos, wordmarks, trademarks, images, slogans, and nicknames of your brand that online web users will identify with your business. Thus, designing a website consistent with that image is the key to your long-term success because it should be your cornerstone of your online presence plans. 

Remember, people are increasingly turning to the internet to find information they want to consume. If you are not online with a website – how will they find you? Without an effective internet presence, your competitors are the winners.

Think about it, when a visitor or potential client lands on your website, you need to make a good first impression. When you make a good first impression – they see visual cues that tell them that they are in the right place. Your web presence will improve overtime because of this plus it communicates to them your company name and contact information in easy / visible way. 

A great design helps your site visitor get curious about your services or products. By having a strong web design, it strengthens your web authority thus improving your web visibility for more visitors to know that they are in the right place. And that they have found what they are looking for!

A quality web presence thinks about Content Management Systems too.

All our web presence growth projects most always include a Content Management System in some way. These are generally called CMS for short. It is a framework for our clients to manage their websites or online applications.

A good Content Management System allows you to update and make changes to your website without any prior programming knowledge. Plus, you can control pushing information out around the web too. Each CMS is made for the business / charity’s needs and goals. Some are built for realtors, while others are more for ecommerce businesses, this make it pleasant to use because it is created with the things you need.

WordPress is a good Content Management System because it allows you to implement advanced technologies and trends within your website. Did you know that a CMS is web-based, so changes to your website can be made from anywhere with an internet connection? Even from your tablet, laptop, or mobile device!

Here are a few of the popular CMS features that most people trying to build up their web presence:

  • Community Development
  • Custom Form Development
  • Blog Management
  • Interactive Polls
  • Shopping Cart Integration
  • Advertisement Management
  • Photo Galleries
  • Secure User Login
  • Custom Content Types
  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • Extensive User Permissions
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Lead Generation Integrations

Web Presence Development for Search Engines

Why web presence is so important? Great Online Presence Growth by i4 Web ServicesSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) begins with the first line of code. On-site SEO is key in achieving a higher rank in the search results on most of the major search engines. By incorporating SEO concepts and strategies into all your web projects – it can lead to good long-term results. 

By utilizing SEO experts such as i4 Web Services, we will analyze your current SEO positioning, run several competitive analyses, and review it with you. Afterwards, we implement the suggested changes and add relevant keywords based on the analysis we shared with you. A good SEO strategy should implement a full range on-page as well as off-page SEO to build up your online presence.

Equally important in the SEO game is to increase your search engine visibility. There are two ways of thinking about this, first you can run around and try to get a lot of backlinks to throw on the website or you can focus on creating quality content that things people are looking for. Hence, by creating extraordinarily strong content you will over time have other websites want to link to you with having to do anything.

Here is an example of email we received from another website owner wanting to write blog articles with links from our website to their website. How do we know this is the case because we literally get dozens of these requests a month.

“Hi, I’ve come across your website/blog and would like to contribute a guest post. I’m looking to build my writing portfolio so there wouldn’t be a charge. My background is in marketing/advertising, entrepreneurship, and branding. Here are some titles I had in mind:

  • Digital Marketing Tips for Your Small Business
  • Tips to Boost Your Social Media Following
  • How to Create a Strong Visual Presence for Your Business on Social Media
  • Marketing Channels to Use to Reach Customers
  • Tips for Keeping Your Digital Marketing Strategy Up-to-Date
  • Profitable Online Business Ideas
  • The Characteristics That Make a Successful Entrepreneur

Let me know if you like any of these or have a specific topic in mind. I have capacity right now so I could get started on your article right away. If you aren’t interested, no worries. Cheers, Mariana”

So, think about just skipping the tedious process of locating Search Engine Page Ranking websites to link to you. This content strategy for building the number of quality and relevant websites which link to your business’ website is labor intensive on the front end, but they just keep coming after you put in the hard work.

We cannot say it enough times, just create amazing content and they will find you – literally as the example shown above. They will hunt you down to begin partner with via email, social media, or sometimes directly with a phone call. Why because they are playing the game the SEO experts are telling them to play. So these other website owners will keep trying to find a way to link to your website with a quality and relevant industry related content.

It is weird for i4 Web Services, to watch other SEO gurus run around trying to game the algorithm. Due to frequent search engine algorithm changes, the search engines are always trying to outsmart the gamers and affect them negatively. We recommend if you are talking to an SEO guru that gets on paid link building campaign idea, just get up and walk out.

Focus on a company that can deliver quality content and is willing actively update it. Once you deploy a content building SEO strategy, your web presence will achieve greater search engine visibility, a higher individual page ranks, and strong social popularity.

Let us take a look at some of the services SEO professionals offer:

  • On-going Competitor / Market Analysis
  • Search Engine Results Page (or SERP for short) Reporting Tools
  • Internal Link Research
  • META Tag / Headline Tag Creation
  • Website Content Optimization
  • Quality Link Building
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Article Creation & Submission
  • Relevant Social Posting
  • Local Business Listing Creation
  • Niche Directory Submissions
  • Press Release Creation
  • Business Blogging
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Local Directory Listings
  • Using Search Engine Marketing Strategies
  • Providing Search Engine Advertising (for new website owners or hyper competitive industries)

Consider tracking your website’s performance with our interactive SERP reporting tools to understand your overall online presence. There are plenty of interactive Search Engine Results Page (SERP) reporting tools not only help optimize your website’s SEO performance, but more importantly to enable you to track the progress of our SEO strategies.

A SERP reporting tools on WordPress is a plugin and many are free, but they do offer useful premium version for advanced capabilities. These are web based allowing you to analyze the Search Engine Results of your specific keywords and keyword phrases anytime day or night.

This ranking data is processed sometimes daily, weekly, monthly, and immediately based on the plugin selected. This also creates a opportunity to discuss with your SEO professional you the best areas to grow from tracking the data in the search results.

Every goal is different for a business and charity, therefore for some tracking only once a week or once a month is needed while other want this information daily. Keep in mind your industry’s trends to not look at the data inaccurately or create issues with understanding what is truly happening. In our industry, we can pay a customer to come into our offices during a holiday week. After the holidays, we generally see a spike in traffic. Your industry maybe similar or completely different and you need to keep this in mind.

During a strategy session, you should clearly offer keywords and key phrases you want to be found for. Here is an example, recently I was helping a friend improve his ‘Orlando Advertising Agency’ with keyword analysis. This is the exact summary we shared with them:

“Your page content should be focused around particular keywords / key phrases you would like to rank for. Ideally these keywords should also be distributed across tags such as the title, meta and header tags. With that being said, here is your top 8 key phrases you are currently attempting to rank for on your website:  

  • digital marketing with a page frequency usage of 3 times;
  • advertising agency with a page frequency usage of 2 times;
  • ad agency with a page frequency usage of 2 times;
  • industry insights with a page frequency usage of 2 times;
  • social media with a page frequency usage of 2 times;
  • healthcare marketing with a page frequency usage of 2 times;
  • marketing read with a page frequency usage of 2 times;
  • and finally you have trends read with a page frequency usage of 2 times.”

Did you see that none of his top keyword/key phrases were actually “Orlando Advertising Agency”? You can create graphs for any keyword or keyword phrase for easy analysis. You can also look up this data for one keyword for Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. 

But if you are not communicating how you wanted to be found online – all the ranking data is worthless. My friend is communicating that now to his staff. Hopefully, his staff will understand and will make drastic changes to get ranking. Our final thought is to begin with the end in mind, start by sharing the exact keywords you want to be found with and it will help you grow overall search engine visibility in the right direction.

Here is another concept that is useful for your web presence – Local Directory Listings

Some people claim that getting listed on the local directories is the smartest, most affordable and the most effective way for you to advertise your local business. We think it is a good to have but honestly not a requirement.

Look i4 Web Services that over a trillion people visit Google daily versus billions visit Bing, so by getting your name on minor directories that have a few 100 thousand visits a day or maybe a few million daily visitors. And that is okay but it is not an A1 priority.

Here is why – getting on the local directories helps to ensure your information around the web is accurate. The bots love to see that your website and business can be found on an ‘Alexa’ ranking website plus it adds credibility for potential customers to see you are alive and well. But remember this most times these links are not setup correctly to be considered link sharing for the big search engines.  

Granted a lot more customers nowadays are using iPads, Androids, Tablets, Cell Phones, Laptops, GPS and all types of new cellular technology when searching for local businesses. There is the potential that a customer(s) will use the using Online Local Listing Directories to find you. But with the advent of Google Search for “near me” or Google My Business Map Listings – your goal should be to make certain you are found there first.

Once you have a Google My Business Listing setup then go ahead and get your business listed with 50 to over a 100 successful Mobile Media sites. We have identified a list of good Online Local Directories to get setup on. Keep in mind that these directories have a combined search volume of roughly 2.5 Billion searches last year.

So here are the positive reasons for really being on these online directories. If you want to make it easier for people to find your business online, getting listed in online directories is a powerful way to help you do that. It is also a good way to build your website’s domain authority.

Your website’s SEO can see a positive bump when reputable links are coming back to your website, from high PR, and high-ranking websites. These directory listings will increase the number of backlinks to your website—helping you show higher in search results, which can ultimately bring in new leads for your business. If you need or want to be listed in these directories to help increase your web presence – just shoot us a call at 407-416-1515.

Web Presence By i4 Web Services

Here are our final thoughts…

The Web Still Runs on Words! Regardless of the latest advances in technology, simply stated, search engines provide search results based on:

  1. The words (content) found on your website.
  2. The words (content) found about your company out on the web.

The written content on your website must serve a dual purpose. It must be compelling as well as search engine friendly. Google and other popular search engines will use web crawling spider programs called ‘bots’ to sift through a website’s copy, searching for keywords and key phrases, to return the most accurate search results possible for the end user.

It must be your goal to create the most effective written content that appeals to both your website visitor as well as the search engines. Many business professionals do not enjoy this process, but as always, we can help you needed.

So, take time to ask yourself several questions to determine what exactly the main points are needed to be conveyed for each individual page to the web viewer. After all the information has been gathered from yourself reflective questions, then begin writing a draft for each page.

This is the stage where you may want to hire some copywriters (i4 Web Services does copywriting) to craft the descriptive content with the needed keywords. Once you are satisfied with the draft and edit it. Once it is edited and you are satisfied with the copywriting work, then the new content will be uploaded to your current website or sent to our designers and developers if they are producing a new site for you.

It is our goal to create the most effective, lead-generating copy possible. Please look at our other blog articles to see our past copywriting work. We are sure you will be convinced that our team of copywriters can handle your project.

So, you need help with ‘building a positive web presence for a local business website, a mobile-friendly business website, a responsive web design for your organization, a responsive charity website, a small business website, a startup business web design, or a growing established business website? We can help you – call 407-416-1515. We care about increasing your Web Presence with a total plan that works – i4 Web Services will help you increase your web presence with a custom-made online presence growth strategy!

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