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For Florida Businesses & Charity Organizations


We define your needs and then learn about your target audience, so we can deliver benefits that will give your project the success it deserves.


Your running or have started a successful business and you have great ideas. It’s time for your website to reflect that. That’s where we can help with our WordPress experience and expertise.


Get your brand connected with your target audience with blogs, social media, and videos. We have been doing this kind of web marketing for more than a decade. 


Your business has great ideas and the world should hear about it. That’s where we can help with our Online Advertising experience and expertise with Google, Facebook, Bing among others too.


Get your brand designed so it creates emotion with your target audience. Have your brand look amazing on business print materials to blogs, social media, and websites. We have been doing this kind of marketing for more than a decade.


Social Media is a powerful tool for communication. If done correctly, social media allows companies to reach their customers where they are, while also characterizing their brands and expanding their customer base.  We have experience with Social Media and we are here to help you.


Your content is part of your brand, and to us nothing is more important than to start off with well prepared written message at  the core of your WEB SEO strategy. We pride ourselves in creating custom, well-crafted written business content for a variety of businesses large and small.


We have a passion for what we do, and it shows. Whether it’s a completely new brand or established one, we believe that good videos really speak to people. We’re here to ensure it does for you too.

We build websites that work.

Quality web development offers the ease of use and functionality that best represents your business.

With our experienced team of WordPress website developers we can meet all your needs and requirements, including those super-custom. If it’s WordPress website – we can do it!

We’ll take care of everything starting from custom website theme development to performance optimization and bug fixing.

We’ll install and streamline all the WordPress website plugins that your business need to be unique and customized.

From a website small or to a really big one, our Florida based web team makes sure your WordPress based website looks and performs great. i4 Web Services is here to make your life a little easier.

Offering Solutions For The Needs of Local Florida Businesses & Charity Organizations

Whatever your business or charity is located in Florida, whether it be up at the Florida panhandle to down in South Florida or maybe somewhere in the middle like Mid Florida or Central Florida – we are here for you.

It’s important to make entrepreneurs aware of the fact that web design and SEO are part of the problem for getting one’s business discovered by customers. Whether one is running a transport service to and from Disney World or running a tree removal business in North Florida, or even running a gun shop in one of the many small cities in Florida, the fact is that there are a lot of companies serving a small market. This means your company has to be clever if they want to get noticed online.

Getting found online is a task that often times even harder than making the first sale, as many customers will simply choose the first business they discover with good reviews. There are a number of industry based research studies indicating around 92% of Google searchers find what they need on the first page. More than half find what they need in the first three links.

But getting your business discovered is only the first step. Advertising over traditional means – such as billboards, newspaper ad spaces, postcards, flyers, and radio spots can be risky and expensive. This is partly because most people tend ignore such advertising. Further, this kind of advertising is a roll of the dice because not everyone really needs your product or service right now. It is good to stay in the front of their minds but it is not good to have thousands of views with no new customers to show for it. And that is where we come in to help you!  

Call us for a consultation – we are a local Florida Web Services company that will meet you in your office and/or community to discuss your business needs from website SEO, Marketing, or even Web Design, so call us today  407-416-1515

What Florida Web Services Customers are saying

Once I had experienced what i4 Web Services could really do, there was no turning back. If you don't have them working on your website SEO and web marketing then you're totally missing out.
i4 Web SEO | Website Development, Design, SEO & More
Janet Smith
Central Florida Small Business Owner

We Are Offering Our Good Marketing Services All Over Florida

What our Florida Web Services Clients are saying

i4 Web Services has provided excellent service for my company, Deb's Gift Baskets. My web projects are always done on time and are of the highest quality! I know Ed personally, from doing business with him, and have come to know him as a man of integrity. I trust him with all my business needs.
Client of i4 Web SEO | Website Development, Design, SEO & More
Debbie B
Small Business Owner

Offering Our Quality Web Design Services All Over Florida

We are a Florida web services company that is capable of doing Web Design, Marketing, & SEO

Here are some good search engine optimization suggestions from a 5 Star Web Design & Online Marketing Agency

One way to be noticed is for the keywords of one’s website to be noticed by search engines. Search engines are the main way people look for local companies. Since smartphones and other internet capable devices are nearly in the hands of everyone these days, they are the first things people use when they need some information.

As one of Florida’s top 5 star rated SEO and Social Media Marketing agencies, we suggest using different keyword phrases whenever possible. That is, rather than using “Orlando Plumbers” thirty times, switch it up. Try “plumbers in Orlando Florida”, “plumbers located in the Metro Orlando area”, and other phrases that are similar as well. 

The idea is to get as many different search terms looking for the same thing as possible. That is one of many ways of how you can manage to get noticed by many of the search engine algorithms. If you don’t have the time to dedicate to this don’t worry i4 Web Services is here to help you – call us to schedule a consultation with you – 407-416-1515


We Work All Over Florida Offering Our Quality SEO Services

We build E-Commerce SEO Ready Websites that work.

Quality web development offers the ease of use and functionality that best represents your business.

Florida Web Services | i4 Web ServicesThese days, organizations need everything from E-Commerce components to full E-Commerce websites.  Even if you are just selling tickets or an eBook, your website will need eCommerce capabilities. Some companies prefer people to to pay online to avoid billing expenses such as postage.

You will definitely need E-Commerce capabilities if you’re selling multiple products and services. Any way you look at it, you will need a secure way of taking, storing, and accessing your customer’s information.  Selling your products in many places should be every bit as simple as selling in one. With a local Florida Web Services company like us that can do E-Commerce solutions, you get one unified platform to run your business with ease.  

Remember, i4 Web Services is here to make your life a little easier.

Keep up with the latest tips and useful insights on the web marketing industry.  Listen to what our team has to share. Also follow us on social media too, here are a few links to check out. We are a local easy to get a hold of Florida Web Services company.

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