Why Content Marketing is Important for A Small Startup Business?

Why Content Marketing is Important for A Small Startup Business? blog article by i4 Web Services!

This blog article written by i4 Web Services wants to answer “Why Content Marketing is Important for A Small Startup Business?” and – How to get more local customers to click on your website in the search. These questions we get asked about regularly and we wanted to answer them for you now. We hope you enjoy reading this blog article and read many of our other ones too.

Did you know that content marketing is important for new businesses? It is because it’s a bridge between you and your audience. You transition from being “just another business” to a brand that caters to potential customers’ informational needs and wants. By bringing people closer to your brand, you’ll also increase conversions down the road, and improve your Return on Investment. However, not all content will connect with the people you’re trying to reach.

You will have to stand out to generate leads in today’s age. And to stand out, you have to provide consistent and engaging high-quality content. The more you can make your audience feel involved in what they’re reading, the more it’ll influence their decision-making. From content that can be found on social media and your blog as well. If the message doesn’t resonate with your own brand’s identity and culture, your efforts will not be meaningful.

This is another reason why your company image must come across as more than a similar “product”. You need brand consistency every time you’re interacting with a potential customer, no matter the channel. Content marketing is no different. If you recommend one practice one week, and a completely different one the next week, what will that say about your credibility? To be honest, the key is being a regular producer of quality content to build a sense of trust in your audience.

You must create the generally agreed-upon idea that will inspire your audience to take some type of action to increase your overall reputation.

Why Content Marketing is Important for A Small Startup Business? blog article by i4 Web Services!

Let us take a look at a few ideas that will show you the benefits of content marketing.

1 – You Can Build Better Brand Trustworthiness

You always want to create a positive experience for your target group. The more you show that you can be trusted as a business, the more your services or products will be requested. What’s more, content marketing works as inbound lead generation, meaning that your audience will keep coming back for more themselves.

2 – You Can Increase Brand Visibility

Content marketing is intrinsically linked with SEO. So, the better your content is optimized, and the better the keywords you target (high search volume, low difficulty) per page, the higher you’ll show up for those queries on Google Search. You’ll also rank higher on other search engines too.

3 – You Will Start To Create Social Media Traction

Having followers is one thing, However, getting your posts liked, re-tweeted, or engaged with in other ways is a different thing. This is also one way in which you can use content marketing to your advantage. Random posts or general updates can only get you so far when you want to draw in new leads. But, quality content will serve your audience’s search and learning intents. It’s a way of getting traction on social media and being followed out of an actual interest.

4 – You Can Improve the Prospect’s Interest

Creating a positive experience related to your brand is a surefire way of keeping prospects around. It compels them to come back time and again, and here’s the best thing: they do it out of their own free will! No PPC or constant messaging is required. If the information you’re putting forward is good enough, they’ll even act as a WOM (word-of-mouth) marketing channel themselves.

5 – You Can Create Inherent Value

First of all, you educate your prospects. That’s great in itself, as you’ll “speak the same language” if they transition into a lead. Furthermore, a common practice is to use “lead magnets”. Think of a downloadable e-book or guide for best practices in that industry, accessible from that content’s URL. In exchange, you get an email address for future newsletter marketing (for example). Since your audience gets something in exchange for basically nothing, that’s free value for them right there.

6 – You Can Generate Better Leads

Content marketing is an essential step in your lead generation funnel. The information has to be useful, and it’s also free by default! By providing valuable knowledge, prospects are inclined to click on your CTA (call-to-action). You can place the CTA within the content, at the bottom, in the hero image, on the side, etc. However, from an SEO standpoint, some placements are less recommended. After clicking the Call To Action, they’re taken to your sales-focused landing page. It’s a more intuitive way to guide your prospects to where you want them to end up anyway. However, they also actively gain useful information along the way too. Everyone wins!

7 –You Can Increase Conversions

Any well-made website will have service pages praising the quality of that service. But, through content marketing, you directly show your audience you know what you’re talking about. When they see you’re a valid source for industry-centric information, it’s more likely for them to convert. Similarly, try to see what your competition is doing, and build on top of that. Keep everything original too! No one’s going to buy from your business if they don’t see a spark of genius particular to you.

8 – Optimize Your Content for SEO

With every new piece of content, you’re targeting new keywords. In time (at least 7 to 12 months for considerable results), your pages will rank higher and higher for those keywords, if optimized correctly. So, you’ll build your domain’s authority for Google’s crawlers/spiders as a complete whole for your niche.

9 – You Can Establish Yourself in the Industry

Every company wants to stand out, and content marketing is a solid strategy to achieve that goal. The better the quality, the more gravitas you’ll have when writing/speaking on the matter. Besides, being seen as an expert will also improve your sales pipeline by itself, no extra effort is needed in that regard! Do you want even more closed B2B sales in a shorter timeframe? Schedule a call with us and let us assist you. 4074161515

10 – You Can Build Brand Awareness

Content marketing is also a great way to get in front of more people. When a business is looking for a SaaS solution, but they’re not sure what they’re looking for, guess what? They’ll search on Google! So, if you’re in that industry, it’s in your interest to write about the best options. This is one way to be found by new prospects. Of course, you must provide quality, consistent, and engaging information.

11 – You Can Control Marketing Spending

Never associate the cost of content marketing with PPC ads. They’re not even close. You’ll spend thousands and tens of thousands of dollars on online ads. Sure, a very long and in-depth article can also go for thousands of dollars, but you won’t always need that (it depends on your niche and your keywords, of course). You could choose to go the in-house route, hire a freelancer, or go with an agency. We recommend the latter since we’ve been doing business like this for 5+ years already for our clients. When you choose a reputable agency like X27 Marketing, you know that you’re getting content that’s SEO-friendly, user-friendly, and informative.

12 – You Can Create Brand Loyalty

You have to go past brand awareness. Sure, people know about your brand, but they must like your brand too. Content marketing cultivates positive feelings about your business, and makes your audience WANT to associate themselves with you.

When they (your future customers) reach that point, they’ll even be advocates of your business without being asked to do so. And, we all know how important recommendations and reviews in the online world.

Why Content Marketing is Important for A Small Startup Business? by i4 Web Services!

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