How to Market Your Brand Properly?

How to Market Your Brand Properly? Discussed by i4 Web Services!

How to Market Your Brand Properly?  That is what we are talking about in this blog article! First off thanks for reading this blog article – we actually considered writing after writing our other article called “How to develop a brand strategy for a local business” We noticed that there was so much ground to cover that writing a follow blog article only made sense. Again, thanks for taking time to read this article and we hope you enjoy it.

How to Market Your Brand Properly?The very first thing we need to look at when discussing how to market your brand properly is thinking about setting up a marketing budget. We all wish that our company were like cash register that kept on producing money or maybe like a money tree that can keep growing dollars for us. But the truth of the matter is that small business owners have a lot of expenses but planning from them is important and assigning them a budget is necessary.

Any branding that your company wants or needs to do will require money. Therefore, building a great marketing strategy to successfully implement for your business requires financial resources. There is no getting around it, so the next step you should take is to set a marketing budget.

i4 Web Services recommends that you break down the size of your marketing budget should depend on three main areas:

  1.  The niche you work in and the size of your business. It is important to know if you are in a highly competitive industry or not. Also, it is good to consider how profitable market is based on the costs of your products or services. After looking at these four items you should be able to set a high marketing budget to keep your company’s annual marketing going nonstop.
  2.  Your goals and your desired results. Naturally, we all want more business sales or charity donations depending on your industry. But, if you want to increase sales by 20%, not 10%, you should double your marketing budget. Why? Because if you have been tracking your sales to date you know how much ROI your marketing is delivering for your business. Therefore, it is fair to say by increasing your advertising and marketing spending will increase your overall business sales.
  3.  Find out the marketing budgets of your competitors. If you have two or more big competitors who spend big dollars on marketing a month, a week, or a day – you need to know that. You do not want to come at $25 a week if your competition is spending $10,000 a week, respectively, your marketing budget should be around a closer price point on spending to your competition.  If you find that spending $10,000 a week is not something you can handle. Hire a good brand marketing consultant to give you other options that could work for your business model. Remember, every business was a startup once and they all worked with much smaller budgets in their early days. So, do not get discouraged just focus your efforts to possibly just one platform only and be competitive on that one only.

Next take time to create a marketing budget framework. This framework can be very helpful to stay on budget and not to underspend or overspend during a set period of time. By using a framework, you will gain control over your investment(s). You will be able to choose the most suitable marketing / advertising methods available. Then you will be comfortable allocating money to be used wisely. Lastly, remember a good framework can be adjusted based on what is needed to achieve the goals set.

How to Market Your Brand Properly?

Let’s now start to talk about choosing the most suitable marketing tactics for your business or charity. Not everyone takes time to write a full business plan. Sometimes during the startup phase, some professionals just go and try things to see what works. But, if you stop and write your marketing plan in a strategic way – you will find it easier to manage.

There are a lot of different directions you can go in from print to online to in-person. Each is good and has its place in your business. But sometimes it is better to choose marketing tactics that will help you to implement your strategic plan. It might be fun to go to networking and meet people but if your business is an online ecommerce store front – that time and money is not being put to good use. Depending on your goals, your industry, and your total funds available, you can use a mix of different marketing methods.

Personally, i4 Web Services recommends that you consider a few online tactics that can complement your in-person and print media tactics. Please note, these tactics assume you have already setup your website, blog, ecommerce payment system, and social media accounts. If you have not done so, just give us a call at 407-416-1515. So here are a few to think about using for your business or charity.

Content Marketing | How to Market Your Brand Properly?

Did you know that content marketing helps increase the volume of quality traffic to a website, generate brand awareness, acquire quality leads, and boost sales? Well, it does! Okay, you are maybe wondering what is content marketing anyways?

Simply, content is writing, it is writing your thoughts, feelings, opinions, facts, surveys, technical information about your product, your service, your industry, or your business in general. Content can also be graphic design images or pictures too that represent can you and your business is a positive way.

i4 Web Services - How to Market Your Brand Properly?Therefore, you really do not need to have a degree in marketing to understand how this tactic works. Everything is simple: you create quality content that adds value to your customers – and your customers reward you with loyalty, sales, good reviews, and referrals hopefully.

If you are an amazing writer or photographer – this could be something you can do yourself. If you do not have the time or lack in the detailed skill mentioned. Don’t worry, companies like i4 Web Services can help you with that!

Basically, you can do it yourself, shop some of out, or you can hire a content creator. You can collaborate with any content creative expert or use online writing services from some other country but be careful if there is a language barrier as well as a lot of grammar issues too. Again, i4 Web Services has writers who will help you create quality content for your website and your blog that local to Florida. SO give us a call to get started – 407-416-1515.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) | How to Market Your Brand Properly?

SEO optimization allows your business to get found online by potential customers and, eventually, increases qualified traffic to your website. Content marketing and SEO do work hand in hand. But the main difference between content marketing and SEO is that Search Engine Optimization is more technical. A good SEO expert has to work on the website design, structure, and behavior to get more visitors to your website.

If you want to optimize your website for SEO, you should focus your efforts on finding and using relevant keywords and/or key phrases that can help get you found online. Plus, if you have a newer website, think about starting with long tail URL titles first and not trying get on the front page for short URL titles. Then, put some effort into gaining backlinks for each individual page on your website.

Most video influencers these days are telling anyone who will listen about writing proper meta descriptions and title tags – so you should do that too. Do you want to get the positive results of getting found online but do not have enough time in the day to learn SEO basics? Consider using quality and trustworthy search engine optimization services with i4 Web Services because our SEO services are based on quality and we do offer expert consulting help also. So, give us a call at 407-416-1515.

Paid Online Advertising | How to Market Your Brand Properly?

i4 Web Services | Website Development, Design, SEO & MoreAs we have shared, both content marketing and SEO can help you get better results. These results come in over the long run, but they do not always work in the short term. Therefore, if you want to get the results right here and right now, you should leverage paid online advertising. That is right, you don’t have to spend a blood fortune to get better results, but it would be helpful to jumpstart things immediately. A good paid online advertising campaign will determine your area, demographics of your target market, and drive people to your website’s homepage.

Why drive people to your homepage – well simply stated the more people or website visitors hitting your home page the better you will rank online. With that being said, Pay Per Click (PPC) has the most common pricing model of paid advertising. It in mind each industry prices will vary – a tree removal pay per click ad pricing is much higher than a mobile notary PPC ad price point but much lower than the roofing industry pay per click price point.

The PPC pricing can afford you new ways to manage your marketing budget wisely. While growing your brand online and building your website’s overall authority. Remember that a business only needs to pay when a person (or business professional) clicks your ad and visit your website. You can launch your first PPC campaign right now and instantly drive traffic to your website; your Facebook Page; or your Google My Business Map Location.

How to Market Your Brand Properly?i4 Web Services loves content creation as much as we love posting on social media, but to be brutally honest business owners can see the main difference between using content marketing and paid advertising.

The main difference is for a young website or a website that has been neglected – paid advertising will help you get to the front page of Google fast. So, let us take a moment and imagine you offer legal services for auto accidents in Orlando. It is safe to say the competition in your niche is unbelievably high. The only way to get more auto accident injury cases is to get your website to the top of the search engine results page.

Naturally, if you focus on content marketing, it will take you weeks, or maybe even months, to fill up your website with the needed content and make Google trust you. But if you launch a pay per click campaign, you will not have to wait that long. Your website will get to the top of the search results immediately.

If you notice your content marketing, SEO efforts, or PPC Online Advertising are not working, ask us to do a FREE WEBSITE & SOCIAL MEDIA REVIEW, so we can check out how your site is structured and determine if it’s time to rework it.  Call us at 407-416-1515 today!

Well thanks for reading this blog article on “How to Market Your Brand Properly?” Answered by i4 Web Services based in Central Florida and we hope you enjoyed.  We will be coming out with more articles – so check out our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter Pages to stay up to date with new blog articles.  Thanks!

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