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Having a website is the foundation for generating online sales. However, if nobody can find your site you really won’t be successful. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is still one of the most cost-effective ways to generate new business online. While it can take longer (between 6 to 9 months) to see results compared to other marketing strategies (like PPC), the long-term ROI is better than that of most advertising channels.

Unfortunately, SEO has been reduced to a commodity. Everyone and anyone seems to be selling it these days but most of them use outdated practices, don’t know what they are doing, or are not doing anything at all. This even applies to big and popular companies. Google updates it’s algorithms several numerous times over the course of the year and without staying up to date with the changes, many SEO companies quickly fall behind and as a result even damage their client’s website rankings.

Here at i4 Web Services, we work really hard to keep up with all these changes, something many other agencies don’t bother with. We invest several thousand dollars every year in private industry meetings and exclusive conversations on what is happening to sites with updates real time. We want to be sure we stay on the cutting edge of this technology – and it shows in our results.

That is why you are here reading this, right?

With us, you are not just another number. We care about your results because if you are happy you’ll stay with us for a long time. We don’t pass you around and if something needs taken care of quickly we make sure to get it done. Contact us today and we’ll analyze your current situation to craft a customized action plan for you. So are you ready to start a conversation with us?

One Contact

Throughout the entire SEO web design process, you will be speaking to one person who is available to answer your questions and help you through any tough decisions.

When you call i4 Web Services, you will get immediate answers to questions for web design, web development, SEO Marketing, and Social Media from our customer friendly professional, not an automated menu system.

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Consult Our Local Specialists For Search Engine Optimization in Port St Lucie

Search engine optimization Port St Lucie is extremely vital if you have a local business because most of the consumers are now searching for local companies online. You must take advantage of this because the customers will look for products and services on the web. Even though they’re only looking locally, they will certainly search on the internet rather than looking for commercials and flyers.

You could already imagine the volume of audience that you are going to reach if you will get your online optimization right. You can boost the coverage of your business locally and obtain more clients.

The objective of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to help you boost the rank of your company website in the search engines. Most people are now using search engines like Google to look for products and services that are offered in their area. If your business web site can be situated on the first page of the search engine for local searches you would have a much better possibility of getting more consumers. This is only one of the benefits that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can provide.

It is also the reason why local companies are investing a lot on their local online marketing methods. If you have a local company, do not hesitate because if you’re not at the top of the ranking, it indicates that your competitor is up there.

You’ll need to understand that it might be hard to create a powerful SEO strategy and you will need this type of thing if you want your company to grow. You shouldn’t live in the past and stop focusing on traditional advertising because it might be very hard to compete if you’re only using them. Almost all businesses (or charities) have a web site and the successful ones are using advanced SEO strategies to compete with other competitors. The top sites in the online search engines are also using web marketing agencies so they can stay up there.

Don’t wait for others to dominate your target market so contact us at i4 Web Services as quickly as possible.

i4 Web Services - What is a bad website design?

We also serve in and around: Jacksonville, MiamiTampa, Orlando, Tallahassee, Gainesville, Panama City, The Villages, Deltona, Lakeland, Port St Lucie, Daytona Beach, St. Petersburg, Palm Coast, Ocala, Pensacola, Plus So Many More Cities Big and Small!


SEO happens when the Web Presence for your Brand is being built.  SEO work matters during the building, creating, and an maintaining of your website. It includes aspects such as: meta information, content creation and placement in your web design, web publishing keyword phrasing of a specific page or pages among other important factors to help your page to rank well.   

Good Web Development by an experienced professional can create quality SEO scores in your website. Which allows us to drive the right kind of traffic to produce results for your business.

Web design refers to the design of websites that are displayed on the internet. It usually refers to the user experience aspects of website development rather than software development.

Web design refers to both the aesthetic portion of your website and it’s usability.  SEO on the other hand takes your website design and actually helps it get found online. 

Generally, a good web developer knows how to use programs and plugins to bring to life the web design files. i4 Web Services has the skills to do web design as well as SEO too.

First off, no SEO work is not a scam and it is a critical ascept of any website project. If you have a business that sells a product or service from its website or if you need your website to be visible on the first page to reach your target audience then you need SEO. Working with an SEO agency like i4 Web SEO can provide you with an in-house team that understands the local market and how to strategically position you for local and organic SEO success.

No, i4 Web Services provides website services from SEO to Social Media Marketing to Graphic Design and Website Design as well.  Our website services are results-driven with increased online presence being our priority.

Our web service contracts are optional and not required by i4 Web Services. We operate on a month to month basis where you can cancel your SEO and/or Web Design services by sending a cancellation notice 30 days in advance.  This is required so we can stop your billing and ensure you are not billed for the next monthly cycle.

Cancelling your Web Hosting with our company will cause your investment in your web work to be lost from being found online.

No reputable web development / web design / web SEO company can offer #1 keyword or keyphrase ranking guarantees. However, we have an outstanding history and reputation for delivering first-page keyword  / keyphrase rankings and higher than average rankings for desktop, map listings and mobile.

Search engines change their algorithms constantly, and those changes may require changes in your company’s web strategy, content and tactics. i4 Web Services studies algorithm changes, makes recommendations and adjusts quickly to ensure our clients continue to improve and/or maintain their keyword rankings.

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Search engine optimization is fairly essential for your local marketing methods. You must perform well on the local search using SEO strategies if you want to compete with other local companies which are providing exactly the same products and services.

Choosing The Right SEO Company in Port St Lucie With Confidence To Grow Your Brand Online

Online marketing in Port St Lucie is extremely competitive as of today because small to medium-sized companies are doing their own SEO strategies. You are making a huge mistake if you believe that the traditional method of advertising can offer the same outcomes.
If you’ll invest in SEO services in Port St Lucie, you may ensure that your company will have the chance to contend with other local businesses. You’ll miss plenty of fantastic opportunities if you’ll disregard this marketing strategy.

Things Just Keep Changing…. Google, BING, and other search engines have been changing the rules on a regular basis to make certain that their search engine users will be able to get the information that they’re looking for. Which therefore means that your SEO methods will need to change as well to keep up with the changes they make. It would also suggest that the methods that you have been using might not be effective in the foreseeable future. Recently, Google did an update that effected website traffic down by 20% or more yet up by 50% for others. We know how and why this happened. Therefore, you need look for an SEO expert who can provide the services that will receive you outcomes now and in the future.

At i4 Web Services, we’re proud of ourselves for being able to stay ahead of the game. We invest lots of time and money in functioning several test strategies, ensuring that we’re always testing out new ideas and techniques, pushing and searching the search engines to find a unique advantage that we can pass on to our client’s strategies. here are few tactics we do for our clients every month:

  1. Analyze your website statistics.
  2. Promote your brand online.
  3. Monitor who follows, likes, shares, and comments on your posts on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media websites.
  4. Run an PPC Ad Campaign (based on the client’s wishes).

What our SEO Clients are saying

i4 Web Services has provided excellent service for my company, Deb's Gift Baskets. My web projects are always done on time and are of the highest quality! I know Ed personally, from doing business with him, and have come to know him as a man of integrity. I trust him with all my business needs.
Debbie B
Small Business Owner

Outsourcing To An Experienced Port St Lucie SEO Expert Produces Results

It will certainly be a great idea to have an in-house team to deal with your online marketing concerns, but you’ll need to think about their salaries & benefits. The majority of the big companies will surely hire a full team of optimization specialists, but for small to mid-sized companies, it will be better to outsource the service. Outsourcing your SEO needs can enable you to obtain the outcomes that you want without having to spend too much money. This is a good choice for small to mid-sized companies because they can get results without spending too much for a full-time team and they do not have to train and recruit new employees.

You should find an SEO expert in Port St Lucie with the knowledge and experience so you can get constant results. You are presently targeting a certain area so you will need somebody with the knowledge and experience to help you rank successfully like i4 Web Services.

i4 Web Services is proud to do business with business owners and charity professionals in this community. We understand how important being local and connected matters to people. And guess what it matters to us too! We can and will meet you in your community when requested plus we are available via text, email, and phone calls too.

St. Lucie County is a county in the state of Florida. The county seat is the city of Fort Pierce. As of 2000, 192,695 people lived there. The 2005 census estimate for the county was 241,305. The current St. Lucie County was created in 1905 from the southern part of Brevard County. Brevard County had been named St. Lucie County from 1844 until 1855 when it was renamed Brevard County. In 1925, Indian River County was created out of the northern part of St Lucie County, while northern Martin County was created from a small part of southeastern St. Lucie County and the northern part of Palm Beach County. Much of western St Lucie County had gone in 1917 to form Okeechobee County.

According to the 2000 census, the county has a total area of 688.08 square miles (1,782.1 km2), of which 572.45 square miles (1,482.6 km2) (or 83.20%) is land and 115.63 square miles (299.5 km2) (or 16.80%) is water, much of it in the Atlantic Ocean. St. Lucie County is part of the Port St. Lucie Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Port St. Lucie is also home to a huge number of parks and nature preserves, and anyone who likes communing with nature will love the chance to check out the local flora and fauna here firsthand.

Here are some really noteworthy things about Port St. Lucie:

1. Tradition Field – Tradition Field located in Port St. Lucie is famous for being the training ground of the New York Mets and if you happen to be in town from February to March then you can see them in action as they train. During the summer months you can also catch minor league baseball games at Tradition Field and locals will tell you that the best way to experience a game is with a drink from the tiki bar and a blanket spread out in the grassy picnic area.

2. Treasure Coast Boat Rental – You can spend the afternoon on a pontoon boat with Treasure Coast Boat Rental where you can cruise around the famous Indian River Lagoon. You can also explore the islands and coves that dot this area of Fort Pierce and you can pull up to an array of beautiful beaches that are found all along this dramatic and beautiful coastline. Swimming is a common pastime in this part of Florida as is fishing or simply sunning yourself as you relax on the deck of the boat.

3. Woodstork Trail and Hillmoor Lake Park – Spread out across 56 acres is the idyllic Hillmoor Lake Park in Port St. Lucie and you will find an amazing trail system here including a sidewalk trail that stretches for over a mile. If you want to take in the local wildlife then you can visit one of two observation decks in the park and there are also fishing decks available so that you can enjoy some shore line fishing. You can also hike or bike around the park depending on your preferences.

4. Veterans Park – Veterans Park is by no means the largest in the city but it can be one of the most moving to visit. As the name suggests, the park is dedicated to veterans of the Vietnam and Korean wars. There is also a World War Two memorial here and a Purple Heart memorial, and there is a 24 visitation area here so that people can come and pay their respects to those who gave their life in service. There is also a Ceremonial Pentagon in the park that has 12 benches situated in formation.

5. Oxbow Eco-Center – The Oxbow Eco-Center is an environmental learning facility that aims to teach visitors all about the importance of preserving nature in this part of the United States. The center sits on 225 acres of preserve and you can learn all about the river and the forest lands in Florida here as well as visit a living laboratory and a wild sanctuary where you can get up close to the flora and fauna in this region. You can take a guided tour of the center with a naturalist who will fill you in on all of the plant and wildlife found here and enjoy the gorgeous floodplain forests as well as the lush canopies and swamplands.

6. Oak Hammocks Park – Oak Hammocks Park is one of the premium green spaces in the city and has two fishing piers which will appeal to any keen anglers visiting. There are bike and hiking trails that stretch along the C-24 Canal and there is also a Butterfly Garden when you can see some of the local flora and fauna in action. The walking trails spans 3 miles through the park and pass by the famous oak and palm hammocks from which the park gets its name.

7. Jessica Clinton Park – The Jessica Clinton Park is a park in Port St. Lucie that is dedicated to one of its former residents, cheerleader Jessica Clinton. After Jessica died suddenly at the age of 17, the park was established as a memorial space, and there is also a program in which people can dedicate stones in the park to loved ones. There is also a special memorial area that celebrates Jessica’s life and this is a moving visit for anyone looking for some peace and serenity in Port St. Lucie.

8. Port St. Lucie Botanical Gardens – The Port St. Lucie Botanical Gardens are located in the center of the city and span 20 acres close to the St. Lucie River. The gardens are known for their beautiful lake as well as a grand fountain and there are paved trails that you can follow to take in all the local flora and fauna. The gardens are grouped into different sections for your enjoyment such as a butterfly garden and an orchid garden. You can also either sign up for a guided tour here to hear all about the plants and flowers on show, or you can simply wander around at your leisure.

9. Civic Center Art Gallery – The Civic Center in the heart of Port St. Lucie is also the location of an art gallery which spans 2,000 square feet and has some of the best artwork in the entire Port St. Lucie area. Come here for a taste of the local arts scene, as the gallery has a mission statement to showcase the best of the rising talent in the area and you will find a wonderful exhibition space complete with columns and carved wood. There are different exhibitions held every eight weeks in order to keep the collections fresh and interesting and you can expect to find all kinds of art work on display.

10. RiverWalk Boardwalk – The RiverWalk Boardwalk runs along the banks of the dynamic St. Lucie River and is the place to come if you want to see some of Florida’s famous wetlands up close. The boardwalk spans over 2,000 feet and ends with a pavilion at the Veterans Park at Rivergate. The RiverWalk actually splits into two paths that will take you through mangrove swamps and there is an observation deck where you can take in the landscape in more detail.

11. Spruce Bluff Preserve – If you want to know a little more about the history of the Port St. Lucie area then you really need to come to the Spruce Bluff Preserve that is located in the Southbend Lakes district of the city. Here you will find the remains of a pioneer settlement that dates from the 1800s and you can still see an Indian mound that measures up to 18 feet tall and is said to date back 2,000 years. Around the mound you can also take in the local wildlife and you may even see animals such as squirrels, alligators, and raccoons.

i4 Web Services - What is a bad website design?
i4 Web Services Port St Lucie SEO
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